A new beginning

So here i am, contemplating a new beginning with my life. I started a few years back when I was getting in touch with my spiritual side. I have explored but nothing has changed. Not because it cant. I just haven’t made the proper effort yet to get my shit together.

So here it is…. I am starting as of now and putting it in writing is making it real. It is my 3rd day without having a drink. 3 days might seem like nothing right? Wrong! For someone like me, 2 bottles of wine a night for over the last 10 years is a really fucking hard thing to do.

A bit fuzzy headed and a slight headache but better than i was yesterday. Go me!

So the girl to be amazing is to make my life amazing without having to rely on anything to do it for me. I, myself am going to do it, for myself and everyone i love.

So this is a day in my life and I plan on loving the shit out of every second of it.


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