Addictive personalities

When you think about addiction usually you would think drugs, alcohol, cigarettes or gambling. Right? Totally not. I actually think everyone i know is addicted to something, and/or have an addictive personality.

I have a friend who is addicted to sugar and is constantly stuffing her face with chocolate or lollies or coke or anything sweet. Some people are addicted to sex, they could be in the best relationship but just feel like they have to fuck all the time.

Addiction can be physical, psychological or whatever so is it possible to quit something if you have an addictive personality? Or do you just replace it with a different addiction?

Most people will replace it with another addiction. Stop taking drugs and replace it with alcohol. It works and it gets rid of one but then you have another shitty thing to deal with thats going to fuck your life up, so whats the point?

I have learned that is an utter load of bullshit, its all about how you channel your energy! Yeah you replace it with something else, but instead of replacing it with more shit, you got to throw all your energy into something positive.

Instead of finishing work and coming home and downing a shit ton of booze to chill out, go and find a yoga class. Better for your body, mind and spirit and will still chill you out. Added bonus, no hangover.

My point being, you may always have an addictive personality but you can choose what addiction you have. And some of them can be pretty fucking awesome too. 🕉

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