So im now on day 4 without drinking and still feel like shit. Felt nauseous, headache, foggy brain, hot and cold. Does it get any better? Because let me tell you, this is totally fucked up. Especially when i got to get up early to slog it out all day at work.

But on the plus side, my sleep has improved 10 times better than it was, my resting heart rate on my fitbit has dropped by 10 beats per minute and im not mindlessly eating crap. Thats got to be a good thing right?

Well ill soon find out. Keep at it for a bit longer and see how i feel. People that have done this are absolute fucking superstars! Its hard work!

Anyway have my pain killers, and get off my arse and go to my yoga class to keep myself occupied. Tomorrow is a new day and its going to be amazing.

Wish me luck for the weekend, and till next time peace out! ✌

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