There is a woman i work with, sits directly next to me actually. Anyway she is the saddest most miserable person i think I have ever met. I have always tried to be friendly but it falls on dead ears. Its not just me but she wont talk to any of my colleagues.

So i turn up to work this morning, i noticed that she had dyed her hair. Was blonde with grey regrowth, but now a nice brown.

I said to her” wow i absolutely love your hair like that! It looks amazing! It suits you so much!” She smiled at me and said thatnks sweetheart.

She looked so pleased that someone actually noticed. Anyway for the rest of the day she wass chatty, laughing and helpful to anyone that spoke to her. Makes me wonder. …

How awesome would the world be if everyone gave someone just one compliment a day? Just to make another person feel good? You know what? I think we need to try it! 2 years i have worked with this woman and its the first time i have seen her smile!

Just goes to show what our actions can do for a person. Im going to try it for sure. Say a lovely few words to someone everyday. May not mean much to you but it can mean something amazing to someone else.

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